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Redeploying Covid-19 Payment Reforms for Biomedical Innovation: A New Opportunity for the Value Movement

posted 4 weeks

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NEJM Catalyst - New Medicare incentives for Covid-19 clinical trials provide an opportunity for health systems to support the development of therapeutics and accelerate biomedical research after...

Fund Black scientists

posted 1 month

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Cell - Our nationwide network of BME women faculty collectively argue that racial funding disparity by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) remains the most insidious...

This Person Does Not Exist

posted 3 weeks

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thispersondoesnotexist.com - This Person Does Not...

Microsoft, MIT, Verily Partner to Advance Biomedical Innovation

posted 1 month

HITInfrastructure - Microsoft, MIT, and Verily’s multiyear partnership brings together industry expertise to help researchers analyze interpret a large amount of data and further biomedical...

Award-Winning Bioengineering Grad Student Has Sense for Medical Innovation

posted 1 month

www.utdallas.edu - Ambalika Tanak MS’16, recognized as one of the top young medical researchers in the country, is developing biosensors that could help physicians make faster...