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From Israel with hope: Best data yet suggests vaccines will empty COVID wards

posted 2 days

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www.timesofisrael.com - Of first 1.82 million immunized, only 0.07% became virus positive, 122 were hospitalized, 23 died. If everyone had shots, we’d only need a ‘few...

  • Data from Israel Pfizer roll-out: Of 1.82 million vaccinated by early Feb only 1,248, 0.07 percent, tested positive by Feb 25 (& not all had full immunity yet), 122 hospitalized, 23 deaths. "If everyone had shots, we’d only need a ‘few dozen’ virus beds" https://t.co/wBF1rWSIys

With 3 COVID-19 Vaccines Available, Is 1 Better Than The Other?

posted 2 days

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NPR - With a third COVID-19 vaccine authorized, some worry that there will be a two-tier vaccine rollout — with the apparently most effective going to...

Can You Drink Alcohol After Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine? Here’s What Doctors Are Saying

posted 1 day

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Cosmopolitan - We asked infectious disease experts to set the record...

Should I Get a Covid-19 Vaccine When Others Need It More?

posted 2 days

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New York Times - The magazine’s Ethicist columnist on what should determine eligibility for the Covid-19 vaccine and...

  • Should I Get a #COVID19 #Vaccine When Others Need It More? My oversimplified answer: At this point, *IF* you are eligible, yes because herd immunity depends on all of us. To promote #healthequity, volunteer to help ppl get scheduled or at a vax site. https://t.co/xXnMx89aPD

CDC Will Advise COVID-19 Vaccinated People Can Hold Gatherings

posted 1 day

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Contagion Live - Though small in scale and still cautious, the new advisory would reflect confidence in SARS-CoV-2 mitigation among a more vaccinated...

  • The #CDC will publish new recommendations that fully #COVID19 vaccinated people may get together without masks. More details to come: https://t.co/HVxqRrDNFd

Diocese Of Pittsburgh Discourages Catholics From Using Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

posted 21 hours

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pittsburgh.cbslocal.com - The Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh says it agrees with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, which raised moral concerns over the Johnson &...

  • In this interview w/ @MeghanKDKA I discuss the US Conference Catholic Bishops labeling the unequivocally valuable J&J #covid19 vaccine “morally compromised”. Something is definitely morally compromised but it’s not this pathbreaking life-enhancing vaccine https://t.co/rIhXCpvuZc

Analysis & updates | Our Final Week: This Week in COVID-19 Data, Mar 4

posted 4 hours

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The COVID Tracking Project - Tests are up, while cases, hospitalizations, and deaths continue their declines. In our final weekly, we urge continued vigilance in reducing the spread of...

New CDC guidelines will reportedly tell vaccinated Americans it’s safe to gather in small groups

posted 2 days

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Business Insider - Even fully vaccinated people will still need to wear masks and social distance in public, two senior White House officials told...

Will COVID-19 Become a Recurrent Seasonal Disease Like Influenza?

posted 13 hours

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JAMA Network - This Viewpoint discusses the prospect that COVID-19 could become a recurrent seasonal disease like influenza and proposes strategies to mitigate the consequences for communities...