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You Can Spread COVID-19 After Getting a Vaccine

posted 20 hours

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Healthline - Experts say COVID-19 vaccines help prevent serious illness from the disease, but they don’t prevent you from contracting the novel...

  • In this @roznewz piece I'm quoted about #COVID19 vaccines and their ability to decrease transmission in addition to preventing symptomatic infection. I think they will be shown to do this but it may take time for public health guidance to change https://t.co/lLCAxAfsWX

Biden executive orders address COVID-19, other health care issues

posted 7 hours

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Roll Call - Early signings suggest he’ll try to quickly reverse Trump administration policies and outline his own priorities as the U.S. nears 500,000 COVID-19...

  • Big NEWS! In bid to lean on science to tackle this virus, @JoeBiden is going to ramp up and ensure access to rapid antigen #COVID19 tests His executive orders include Nitrocellulose, the major limiting ingredient in the rapid “paper-strip” antigen tests https://t.co/bMc1OTexaQ

President-Elect Joe Biden - Actions Address the COVID-19 Pandemic, Provide Economic Relief, Tackle Climate Change, and Advance Racial Equity Today, hours after taking the oath of office, President-elect...

Oxygen-starved city in Brazil’s Amazon starts immunization

posted 1 day

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AP NEWS - RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — The Amazonian city of Manaus began administering vaccines against the coronavirus, providing a ray of hope for the rainforest’s...

  • Manaus - one of the most heavily impacted cities in Brazil has started #COVID19 vaccination. And what a powerful photo. "Vanda Ortega, 33, a member of the Witoto ethnicity and a nurse technician, received the first dose..." https://t.co/Ir9X4YhNOi h/t @Crof

Executive Order on Masks Offers Opportunity to Flatten the COVID-19 Curve

posted 23 hours

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www.idsociety.org - NEWS RELEASEJan. 20, 2021 The Infectious Diseases Society of America and its HIV Medicine Association strongly endorse the executive order signed by President Biden...

Joe Biden président : ce que veulent les femmes

posted 1 day

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Madame Figaro - Ce 20 janvier, Joe Biden, 46e président élu, et Kamala Harris, première vice-présidente de l’histoire des États-Unis, prêtent serment. Alors que les femmes n’ont...

How to Vaccinate a Country Amid Trump’s Wreckage

posted 1 day

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The New Republic - The vaccine rollout has been plagued by bottlenecks and avoidable confusion. The Biden team says it wants to fix...

BLOG: The United States should look to Liverpool as a model for frequent rapid Covid testing | Liverpool Express

posted 2 hours

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Liverpool Express - In this letter from America, Harvard School of Public Health Professor Michael J Mina argues Joe Biden’s new administration should look at Liverpool’s Covid-19...

  • Concerned about Rapid Antigen Tests. And, in particular, the Liverpool tests?? I wrote a Blog explaining all of it. The US should Look to Liverpool as a model example of these tests! https://t.co/waK8bdaUxO

Abbott’s COVID-19 antigen test may help with faster detection, isolation – CDC

posted 2 days

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Reuters Health - Abbott Laboratories’ rapid COVID-19 antigen test is highly likely to correctly detect if people have ever contracted the virus and could help with earlier...

  • Terrific update of a powerful test to help slow transmission and “normalize” society. “BinaxNOW [Rapid Ag Test] is great at finding infectious people... this study demonstrates... 92.6% effective at identifying positive cases when people are infectious” https://t.co/VkgKK8bS9c