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Diocese Of Pittsburgh Discourages Catholics From Using Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

posted 1 day

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pittsburgh.cbslocal.com - The Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh says it agrees with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, which raised moral concerns over the Johnson &...

  • In this interview w/ @MeghanKDKA I discuss the US Conference Catholic Bishops labeling the unequivocally valuable J&J #covid19 vaccine “morally compromised”. Something is definitely morally compromised but it’s not this pathbreaking life-enhancing vaccine https://t.co/rIhXCpvuZc

Can You Drink Alcohol After Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine? Here’s What Doctors Are Saying

posted 2 days

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Cosmopolitan - We asked infectious disease experts to set the record...

CDC Will Advise COVID-19 Vaccinated People Can Hold Gatherings

posted 2 days

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Contagion Live - Though small in scale and still cautious, the new advisory would reflect confidence in SARS-CoV-2 mitigation among a more vaccinated...

  • The #CDC will publish new recommendations that fully #COVID19 vaccinated people may get together without masks. More details to come: https://t.co/HVxqRrDNFd

Will COVID-19 Become a Recurrent Seasonal Disease Like Influenza?

posted 1 day

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JAMA Network - This Viewpoint discusses the prospect that COVID-19 could become a recurrent seasonal disease like influenza and proposes strategies to mitigate the consequences for communities...

Analysis & updates | Our Final Week: This Week in COVID-19 Data, Mar 4

posted 16 hours

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The COVID Tracking Project - Tests are up, while cases, hospitalizations, and deaths continue their declines. In our final weekly, we urge continued vigilance in reducing the spread of...

Older, Heavier People May Be ‘Superspreaders’ of COVID-19

posted 1 day

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Medscape - Study finds that older age and higher BMI increase the likelihood of spreading the SARS-CoV-2 virus; authors say that a nasal mist product could...

  • High BMI and increasing age may turn someone into a superspreader, study finds, but experts warn that’s a bit of a dirty metric. https://t.co/K02LVRdX2o

California is dramatically changing who gets the COVID-19 vaccine. What you need to know

posted 21 hours

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Los Angeles Times - Under a new policy, state officials plan to reserve 40% of vaccines to underserved...

Covid-19: Highest death rates seen in countries with most overweight populations

posted 23 hours

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The BMJ - Covid-19 death rates are 10 times higher in countries where more than half of the adult population is classified as overweight, a comprehensive report...

  • Covid-19 death rates are 10 times higher in countries where more than half of the adult population is classified as overweight, a comprehensive report from the World Obesity Foundation has found https://t.co/9Dzmj3xif8

The major genetic risk factor for severe COVID-19 is inherited from Neanderthals

posted 1 day

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Nature - Risk of severe COVID-19 is conferred by a genomic segment that is inherited from Neanderthals and is carried by around 50% and 16% of...

Brazil’s Covid Crisis Is a Warning to the Whole World, Scientists Say

posted 2 days

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New York Times - Brazil is seeing a record number of deaths, and the spread of a more contagious coronavirus variant that may cause...