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Single-cell lineages reveal the rates, routes, and drivers of metastasis in cancer xenografts

posted 17 hours

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Science - Detailed phylogenies of tumor populations can recount the history and chronology of critical events during cancer progression, such as metastatic dissemination. We applied a...

Liquid biopsy enters the clinic — implementation issues and future challenges

posted 2 days

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Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology - Liquid biopsy assays have the potential to revolutionize the diagnosis and management of cancer, and rapid progress is being made in the clinical translation...

Protein anchors as a newly discovered key molecule in cancer spread and epilepsy

posted 2 days

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Medical Xpress - Certain anchor proteins inhibit a key metabolic driver that plays an important role in cancer and developmental brain disorders. Scientists from the German Cancer...

Nixing bone cancer fuel supply offers new treatment approach, mouse study suggests

posted 18 hours

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Medical Xpress - An innovative approach to treating bone tumors—starving cancer cells of the energy they need to grow—could one day provide an alternative to a commonly...

Missing protein helps small cell lung cancer evade immune defenses

posted 2 days

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Medical Xpress - Small cell lung cancer (SCLC) cells are missing a surface protein that triggers an immune response, allowing them to hide from one of the...

About – The World Cancer Report Learning Platform

posted 2 days

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learning.iarc.fr - Cancer research for cancer prevention rests on knowledge about the extent of the cancer burden for the world′s population as a whole, and then...

ascopost.com - 2021 Gastrointestinal Cancers Symposium Rocio Garcia-Carbonero, MD, of Hospital Universitario 12 De Octubre, discusses results of the phase II/III AXINET trial, which showed that...

Bioenergetic Mechanism for Signal Regulation May Explain Cancer’s Warburg Effect

posted 1 day

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GEN - Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News - As cells shift to Warburg metabolism, researchers discovered that PI3 kinase activity is increased, and in turn, the cells’ commitment to divide is strengthened....

Oncology Tube - Sophie G Kellaway and Prof Constanze Bonifer from the Institute of Cancer and Genomic Sciences, University of Birmingham speaks about the Different mutant RUNX1...

TAP Homepage – The ASCO Post

posted 2 days

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ascopost.com - Novel Risk Tool for Predicting Severe Toxicity in Older Patients Receiving Chemotherapy for Early-Stage Breast Cancer As reported in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, Allison Magnuson,...