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Opinion: Newsom’s plan to reopen schools is too weak to work. He owes California something bolder.

posted 23 hours

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Washington Post - ...

  • Important op-ed @jeannenoble from my institution; 1 year ago, "Newsom ordered school closures. If he believes children have right to public education, as mandated in CA's constitution, then he needs to....Mandate the reopening of all CA schools"https://t.co/vWl5OgeVCd

Four reasons you’re tired of Zoom calls — and what to do about it

posted 21 hours

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Washington Post - Two of the easy potential fixes are hiding self-view and minimizing the video call screen, according to the paper’s...

Biden promises enough coronavirus vaccine for ‘every adult in America’ by the end of May

posted 20 hours

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Washington Post - Biden is promising vaccines as federal officials worry that states reopening could imperil pandemic...

Photographer sues D.C., saying she was shot in eye by rubber bullet during May protests

posted 24 hours

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Washington Post - Luz Del Carmen Salama-Tobar and two other women say they were wounded May 30 at a protest following the death of George...

CDC: States should prioritize people with disabilities as they broaden vaccine access

posted 2 days

Washington Post - Johnson & Johnson’s one-shot vaccine ‘might be desirable’ for people who move frequently, homeless shelters or...

False claims tying coronavirus vaccines to infertility drive doubts among women of childbearing age

posted 2 days

Washington Post - Health officials worry their hesitation may affect efforts to reach immunization...

  • “We feel more confident the vaccine would be beneficial. Not only does it allow the mother to get protected,” she said, “we think the mother can transfer the good antibodies to the babies through the milk that would allow the baby to be protected.” https://t.co/GALx9JpIFJ

The flu killed nearly 200 children last season. This time, 1 has died.

posted 2 days

Washington Post - A combination of coronavirus precautions and existing immunity to the flu has nearly eradicated influenza infections and deaths in the United...

Those fever scanners that everyone is using to fight covid can be wildly inaccurate, researchers find

posted 10 hours

Washington Post - A flood of thermal scanners hit the market last year. But researchers say many of the devices use software that can make a feverish...

California doctor attends Zoom court hearing during surgery: ‘I’m in an operating room right now’

posted 2 days

Washington Post - A Sacramento judge delayed a traffic hearing after the defendant continued to perform surgery during the live-streamed...

Much of the world is seeing coronavirus cases fall. But Brazil’s outbreak is worse than ever.

posted 2 days

Washington Post - Hospitals are at capacity, a virus variant is rampaging, and vaccines are slow to...