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Trusted Medical Twitter Feeds

Feeds are all of the articles created by and posted on Twitter by a particular Twitter user. For example, if you add the NYT Health Twitter Feed to your myMashup, you’ll see all of the articles the NYT Health has posted on Twitter in that Feed. Simply click the blue + to the right of the Feed to add it to your myMashup. Following a Feed is the best way to see all of the articles that particular Twitter account creates and tweets.

  • bioRxiv


    The non-profit preprint server for the life sciences

  • NYT Science


    Science, Medicine, Environment, Space & Astronomy. Sign up for the Science Times email, in your inbox every Tuesday: https://t.co/kpdN2C1hDy

  • NYT Health


    Health news from the Science desk of The New York Times

  • OncLive.com


    Healthcare publisher of oncology focused articles, videos, panel discussions, and much more that run the gamut of oncology care and management.

  • Evan Kirstel the $B2B Techfluencer


    Need to amplify & elevate your reach & engagement on #socialmedia? I can help! Co-Founder @evirahealth. Support my $B2B coin: https://t.co/PBMUr3MDvq

  • Reuters Health


    Sharing health and medical news from around the world.

  • Medical Xpress


    Latest research news on health and medicine

  • Cleveland Clinic


    Your source for health news, tips and information from one of the nation’s top hospitals. #BestHospitals

  • Medscape


    Medscape provides breaking medical news and expert perspectives, drug and disease information, and free CME across 30+ medical specialties.

  • STAT


    Reporting from the frontiers of health and medicine. Make sure to sign up for our free newsletters here: https://t.co/CcNks1tLdL