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Two 25 μg doses of mRNA-1273 in participants 6 months to under 6 years met primary endpoint with robust neutralizing antibody titers similar to adults mRNA-1273 was generally well tolerated in this age group Although not a primary endpoint, statistically significant vaccine efficacy was observed during the Omicron wave that was consistent with the lower two-dose effectiveness against Omicron seen...

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    Moderna data on 25 microgram dose 28 days apart of mRNA vaccine for children 6 months-just under 6 years old. Good news is that immunogenicity adequate across age range as measured by neutralizing antibodies (same as >18). Vaccine efficacy lower than expected (<50%) with Omicron but that was against mild disease (no severe disease in Moderna or placebo arm) - would be good for company to measure B/T cells in subset but likely generated well