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Building Confidence in COVID-19 Vaccination: A Toolbox of Talks From Leaders in the Field – 1435659

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globalmeet.webcasts.com - Event Description:March 9, 202114:00 to 15:30 (US ET)19:00 to 20:30 (UK)20:00 to 21:30 (Central European time) The development and rollout of vaccines to combat coronavirus...

Stranded: Rural Hospitals In Crisis

posted 14 hours

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YouTube - For more than 50 years, Medicaid has been our nation’s health care safety net — paying health care costs for people with very low...

  • As Congress looks to address America’s most pressing health care issues, Medicaid expansion is one important policy tool states can use to ensure residents are insured or have local access to the care they need. https://t.co/p8wSMUuS0i

Making It Easy to Get Mental Health Care: Examples from Abroad | Commonwealth Fund

posted 13 hours

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www.commonwealthfund.org - Other countries’ approaches to mental health services offer the U.S. lessons on prioritizing mental health, making care convenient, and scaling...

  • Even though other countries’ health systems differ from ours, we can still learn a lot from them. For this feature, we set out to see what we could learn from their approaches to #mentalhealth care. https://t.co/FfScfwETKl

Community social determinants and health outcomes drive availability of patient-centered medical homes – PubMed

posted 2 days

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PubMed - The collaborative design of America’s patient-centered medical homes places these practices at the forefront of emerging efforts to address longstanding inequities in the quality...

How Covid’s Toll Compares With Other Things That Kill Us

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Bloomberg - Stacking up the disease’s impact on young and old against other causes of death in the U.S., including influenza, heart disease, car accidents and...

Understanding Disparities in the Search for Equity

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www.ahrq.gov - Grantee...

www.commonwealthfund.org - With more than 4 million confirmed cases and 150,000 deaths as of August, the United States is failing to control the COVID-19 pandemic. At...

  • 33% of U.S. adults reported having stress, anxiety, or great sadness since the COVID-19 pandemic began — a higher rate than seen in other high-income countries. https://t.co/7ukICnxTQ0

ACA Subsidies For Higher-Income Families Are Key To Enrolling More Americans | Health Affairs Blog

posted 2 days

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Health Affairs - The House Ways and Means Committee’s proposal to provide ACA subsidies for higher-income families is a far more efficient means of covering uninsured Americans...

A Comprehensive Assessment Tool to Evaluate Medicare Savings Proposals

posted 8 hours

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www.commonwealthfund.org - When considering Medicare savings options, Congress needs to look beyond the budgetary impacts. New policies might affect beneficiaries’ out-of-pocket expenses, benefits, and access to...

  • A new comprehensive tool for evaluating #Medicare savings options assesses the impacts of proposed changes not only on budgetary concerns but also on beneficiaries and providers. https://t.co/QBvgLgm3YP