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Making Healthcare Safer Practices: 9. Reducing Adverse Drug Events in Older Adults

posted 4 hours

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www.ahrq.gov - AHRQ’s third and most recent Making Healthcare Safer report, published in 2020, includes 47 evidence-based patient safety practices in selected harm areas. It includes...

Telehealth Update from ATA President Dr. Joe Kvedar

posted 4 hours

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The Doctor Weighs In - Joe Kvedar, MD, President of ATA, joins Pat Salber, MD, CEO and Editor of The Doctor Weighs In, for an in-depth telehealth...

Introducing JAMA Health Forum

posted 3 hours

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YouTube - In this video, the editors of JAMA Health Forum discuss an innovative online channel focused on health policy and health strategy issues affecting medicine...

Palliative Care Team | Administrative Support | Palliative in Practice

posted 2 hours

www.capc.org - Learn how administrative staff can support a busy palliative care team on a day-to-day basis, and relieve...

Demand for virtual mental healthcare is soaring. Here are key trends on who is using it and why

posted 1 day

FierceHealthcare - The COVID-19 pandemic is driving enormous demand for virtual mental health care services. Here is how mental health diagnoses have shifted during COVID-19 and other...

Rafael Grossmann

posted 4 hours

Rafael Grossmann - The world’s first surgeon to use Google Glass during live...

Where rheumatology care stands under Trump, Biden

posted 2 days

Healio - The 2020 presidential election is expected to dramatically alter the health care landscape, regardless of which candidate wins. Although every election is technically a...

How To Help Your Partner Make Healthy Lifestyle Changes

posted 11 mins

The Doctor Weighs In - Here are 7 tips on ways you can help your partner make healthy lifestyle changes. Bonus: they will be good for your relationship...

My Grandparents’ Agonizing Deaths Taught Me to Become a Better Doctor

posted 1 day

The Doctor Weighs In - A medical student’s mom told her witnessing her grandfather’s agonizing death was a gift, implying that it would make her a better...

CAPC Palliative

posted 2 days

YouTube - The Center to Advance Palliative Care (CAPC) is the nation’s leading resource for palliative care development and growth. As a national, member-based...

  • Visit the CAPC YouTube channel for the latest videos on palliative care messaging, managing growth, leveraging data, public awareness, interviews, COVID-19 resources and more. Subscribe today! >> https://t.co/6X6N3ZaHIr #hpm #hapc #healthcare #palliative