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What is mashupMD

Introducing mashupMD, a collection, or “mashup,” of trusted medical content curated based on what your colleagues are reading and sharing on social media.

Our algorithm analyzes the Twitter Feeds of the most trusted physicians, medical societies, journals, and universities and aggregates the article headlines and links that garner the most likes and shares.

We then curate and sort a feed of headlines relevant to what you’re interested in based on the reading habits of your trusted medical colleagues. You can further fine-tune your search in numerous ways, including Specialty specific content, all articles from a specific source, i.e., JAMA or even by keyword.

Looking to create your own custom feed? Check out the information below on how to create your own myMashup page.

Finally, please feel free to recommend your favorite Twitter feed for us to follow by Tweeting @MDMashup.


Customize myMashup!

When you create a Free account with mashupMD, you can customize your myMashup Homepage by adding the medical content you are interested in, including keywords, news sources, journals, medical experts, and specialty categories. All of this information will then be available as a personalized Feed in the myMashup section.

Unlike social networks, your activity on mashupMD is private, and you can view the best medical content from across the web without having to sacrifice your privacy.