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    Two U.S. food companies have received the go-ahead to sell chicken grown from cultivated animal cells in a production facility. It’s the first time meat grown this way will be sold in the U.S.

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    • "It tastes like chicken." "It is chicken!" 'No kill' meat, grown from animal cells, is now approved for sale in the U.S. https://t.co/TkYtTUPwMt by @AubreyNPR via @NPR Will be interesting to see how this plays out. Cost. Consumer acceptance. Efficiency of tech. Etc. https://t.co/gbnleoiJHG

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    There is no link between autism and any vaccine or vaccine ingredient. Get the facts and the latest science from CDC.

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    • Stuff #RFKJr is very obviously wrong about (#Rogan edition): - Vaccines & autism https://t.co/RhDZ8E7pL1 - WiFi & cancer https://t.co/qJFmVfLSJL. - Causes of 1918 Flu https://t.co/TstndY8Fwh - Ivermectin https://t.co/h9ES76gR68 - Etc etc etc etc Sum: a misinformation machine.