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The haunting brain science of long Covid - 1 month

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In an essay by @WesElyMD, here’s Matt Fitzgerald describing his life with long Covid: “It’s terrifying. I mean, I’ve had to dig real deep....

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    1/🧵The Haunting Brain Science of Long COVID   📍Here I use science to raise awareness of a growing public health nightmare hiding in plain sight 📍Matt & Barbara tell their stories 📍20 relevant medical articles 📍See 🧵unpacking science in Tweet #2   https://t.co/at7iDBHEY0 - view on twitter

An updated Cochrane Review suggests face masks don’t reduce the spread of COVID in the community. But there are several reasons why this conclusion...

The government is pushing harder than ever to make “yearly COVID shots” a...

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    1/ The “Flu-ification” of #COVID “For all the legwork that public-health experts have done over the past few years to quash comparisons between COVID-19 and the flu, there sure seems to be a lot of effort nowadays to equate the two” 👎 https://t.co/XEToLdaMcI - view on twitter

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Long-COVID - 3 weeks

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Long-COVID shares key similarities and differences with PICS, with one key difference being that Long-COVID can impact people who were never severely ill and,...

Better nursing home protections are needed for future health emergencies, says a data brief from the US Department of Health and Human Services Office...

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    High COVID Rates Prompt Call for Better Nursing Home Protections   @JAMA_current call to action Feb 1, 2023   Have we done enough to protect our most vulnerable patients? My own mom’s facility has No masks and vaxx rates are low…   https://t.co/IGZQxPFezi - view on twitter

Here’s where to start to determine the best route of...

This cross-sectional study examines the death rates among active and nonactive physicians aged 45 to 84...

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    Excess Doctor Death in COVID   📍Look how use of PPE & Vaccines ⬇️ed excess deaths in US Docs 📍This allowed us to get rid of draconian anti-medicine “no visitation” rules 📍This week our ICU Covid pts have family members at the bedside & we’re all safe! https://t.co/IEyoGeWIdr https://t.co/IEyoGeWIdr - view on twitter

Protection from past infection against re-infection from pre-omicron variants was very high and remained high even after 40 weeks. Protection was substantially lower for...

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    Does COVID infxn protect you?   📌65 studies 19 countries 📌COVID infxn protects ~80-90% vs future SEVERE dz 📌But mod to poor for re-infxn or symptomatic dz 📌Remember, re-infection is a major risk factor for #LongCOVID 📌Risk tolerance = #Mask & #Vaxx https://t.co/1gRJIWJFcZ https://t.co/1gRJIWJFcZ - view on twitter

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PEEP, Auto-PEEP, and Waterfalls - 2 weeks

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Normally, the lung volume at end-expiration generally approximates the relaxation volume of the respiratory system, ie, the lung volume determined by the static balance...

Generative artificial intelligence presents a philosophical and practical challenge on a scale not experienced since the start of the...

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    Books written by #ChatGPT? 🤷‍♂️   Am I being a dinosaur or are you concerned?   “To the ex­tent that we use our brains less & ma­chines more, our crit­i­cal think­ing, writ­ing & de­sign abil­i­ties may at­ro­phy.” Kissinger @WSJ Your thoughts por favor https://t.co/oogwpUKPKX - view on twitter