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Amid Covid-19 pandemic, U.S. has seen 300,000 ‘excess deaths’

posted 14 hours

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STAT - CDC researchers found that nearly 300,000 more people in the U.S. died so far this year than the average number who died in recent...

Covid-19’s wintry mix: Dry indoor air helps the virus spread – STAT

posted 14 hours

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STAT - The worry is not just that people might mingle more closely inside, but that the air they breathe will make the virus more...

  • Cold, dry air facilitates the spread of the coronavirus, and the social distancing that helped outside won’t be as effective indoors, scientists say. https://t.co/3Cx3SfjwO2

Study: Universal mask use could save 130,000 lives by February – STAT

posted 2 days

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STAT - “Expanding mask use is one of the easy wins for the United States,” said the lead author of the new...

FDA shows concern over emergency authorization of Covid-19 vaccines

posted 2 days

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STAT - The ageny may be exploring the idea of using expanded access — a more limiting program — in the early days of Covid vaccine...

  • There are serious signs the FDA is getting cold feet over the notion of issuing emergency use authorizations to allow for the widespread early deployment of Covid-19 vaccines. https://t.co/2gRlEVqDAh #FDA #Covid_19 #vaccines

FDA wants pharma to include younger women in breast cancer drug trials

posted 22 hours

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STAT - New guidance from the FDA says those who are premenopausal should no longer be excluded from breast cancer drug...

  • The FDA is pushing drug companies to include younger people in drug trials for breast cancer drugs — a boon for the more than 16,000 American women under the age of 40 who are diagnosed with the condition each year. https://t.co/z441wf5PYV #breastcancer #FDA #women

Children and families need resources to address trauma at its roots – STAT

posted 1 hour

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STAT - Trauma and toxic stress can affect brain development in children and adolescents. Responsive, trauma-informed policies are long...

  • Opinion: As we look to build a more resilient and equitable nation, there is no more important place to start than ensuring that our children and families have the resources and safeguards they need to address trauma at its roots. https://t.co/B1pwPPEIqN @RepPressley @RepMaloney

Blood plasma showed no benefit in Covid-19 patients in trial

posted 2 days

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STAT - The findings, published in BMJ, could re-energize the debate over whether blood plasma is an effective treatment for the...

  • Infusing hospitalized Covid-19 patients with blood plasma from people who recovered from the disease had no effect on whether patients got sicker or died, according to the first completed randomized trial of the treatments. https://t.co/Zc169XUB9Q

Covid-19 is pushing pharma companies to the cloud

posted 17 hours

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STAT - The Covid-19 pandemic has rapidly accelerated the drug industry’s migration to the cloud, with pharma striking new deals with tech...

  • The drug industry has been migrating to the cloud for years. But Covid-19 has rapidly accelerated that shift for a simple reason: Researchers needed to run the biggest experiment of their lives in record time, and they lacked the power to launch it. https://t.co/G9rtGrTKcO

Covid-19 vaccine trials from AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson to restart

posted 2 days

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STAT - “We should be reassured by the care taken by independent regulators to protect the public,” AstraZeneca’s CEO...

  • Two major studies of vaccines against Covid-19, both paused because of potential safety concerns, are set to restart, the companies running them said Friday. https://t.co/Mtryo8Y4cj #Covid_19 #vaccines

Why approval of remdesivir to treat Covid-19 obscures scientific failures

posted 2 days

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STAT - STAT’s Adam Feuerstein and Matthew Herper sat down to discuss the decision, and what it means for biotech and the battle against...