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The number of COVID-19 vaccine doses and severe clinical outcomes in older patients infected with a SARS-CoV-2 Omicron...

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    BOOSTERS: Japanese study, median age 68, 3rd dose (1st booster) improves severe disease. In US, 71% of those >65 have had 1st booster (3rd dose) - need to increase booster (now Omicron specific) rate in older people in US https://t.co/I9HYk23uUJ - view on twitter

The rideshare giant is partnering with a statewide LGBTQ+ civil rights organization to provide free rides to monkeypox vaccination...

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    MONKEYPOX VACCINE: Cases coming down in US but immunity important for affected populations. California has highest number of cases (more in LA) now more than NY. Uber offering free rides for MPX vaccination in LA- please use! https://t.co/sFb9lBNqzB - view on twitter

Health Alert Network (HAN). Provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention...

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    Weakness in arms/legs/ "bulbar" or breathing issues. Rare (<700 cases since 2014) but serious complication rarely of enterovirus D68. ED68 like all enteroviruses more common in late summer-early fall so in season of risk. CDC reports <100 cases so far. https://t.co/YEXvCwXdyn - view on twitter

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Ending HIV in America - 1 day

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Science has made extraordinary progress against HIV. Can innovative drugs and therapies finally end...

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    ENDING AIDS IN AMERICA: PBS NOVA SPECIAL Wednesday October 5 at 9pm EDT. Written/Produced by Caleb Hellerman. Directed by Shayon Maitra. We have amazing advances in HIV treatment & prevention- can we apply them & end AIDS? Features @UCSF clinic Ward 86! https://t.co/807TS6aUUL - view on twitter

The new Omicron-boosters are here but we should rethink the interval period to maximize their...

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COVID vaccines are said to “wane” in efficacy but that refers to only one arm of the immune...

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    COVID-19 VACCINES WORK WELL: Due to the redundancy of the immune system, even among those with different parts of the immune system compromised, and due to fact that they elicit antibodies, T and B cells. Antibodies come down with time but T/B cells endure https://t.co/YmaUhymVXl - view on twitter

Phase 1 study is among first to examine mRNA technology for...

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    HIV DOESN'T YET HAVE A VACCINE: But NIH just launched 3 mRNA vaccines trials for HIV which we in the field are very excited about. mRNA vaccine and whole virus vaccine being studied for influenza; whole virus vaccines available for COVID too approved @WHO https://t.co/sVpZTdqKuW - view on twitter

The success of vaccines is dependent on the generation and maintenance of immunological memory. The immune system can remember previously encountered pathogens, and memory...

This study uses data from March 2020 to June 2022 to examine the association of the primary and booster COVID-19 vaccines with SARS-CoV-2 infection,...

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    Another paper today JAMA this time >10 million people in N Carolina. Vaccination + infection provides strongest protection against mild infection during Omicron; booster lasts 4-6 months; protection from severe disease much longer. Pls read editorial too https://t.co/5i4Y3lOPPR - view on twitter