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Single-dose BNT162b2 vaccine protects against asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infection

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Authorea - Nick K. Jones1,2*, Lucy Rivett1,2*, Chris Workman3, Mark Ferris3, Ashley Shaw1, Cambridge COVID-19 Collaboration1,4, Paul J. Lehner1,4, Rob Howes5, Giles Wright3, Nicholas J. Matheson1,4,6¶,...

  • if okay (#covid19) I am going to add on all studies that show vaccines block transmission onto the same thread so you have them in one place (hope this works, added to prior thread). Here is another nice study! https://t.co/DArIyLBW6t

Opinion: Newsom’s plan to reopen schools is too weak to work. He owes California something bolder.

posted 11 hours

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Washington Post - ...

  • Important op-ed @jeannenoble from my institution; 1 year ago, "Newsom ordered school closures. If he believes children have right to public education, as mandated in CA's constitution, then he needs to....Mandate the reopening of all CA schools"https://t.co/vWl5OgeVCd

SARS | Basics Factsheet | CDC

posted 11 hours

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Fact sheet covering basic information on SARS, CDC Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome...

Interim Results of a Phase 1–2a Trial of Ad26.COV2.S Covid-19 Vaccine | NEJM

posted 1 day

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New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) - Original Article from The New England Journal of Medicine — Interim Results of a Phase 1–2a Trial of Ad26.COV2.S Covid-19...

Vaccine Alarmism

posted 2 days

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New York Times - And what else you need to know...

  • Nice article on vaccine alarmism - are there costs? Yes, I think there are many costs to this including failure to open schools, failure to motivate people to want vaccines, and a general dourness that belies reality. CDC can align with vaccine optimism https://t.co/sbbPV5OCdK

From Israel with hope: Best data yet suggests vaccines will empty COVID wards

posted 2 days

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www.timesofisrael.com - Of first 1.82 million immunized, only 0.07% became virus positive, 122 were hospitalized, 23 died. If everyone had shots, we’d only need a ‘few...

  • Data from Israel Pfizer roll-out: Of 1.82 million vaccinated by early Feb only 1,248, 0.07 percent, tested positive by Feb 25 (& not all had full immunity yet), 122 hospitalized, 23 deaths. "If everyone had shots, we’d only need a ‘few dozen’ virus beds" https://t.co/wBF1rWSIys

CNN - Gov. Greg Abbott announced Tuesday he’s lifting the mask mandate in Texas, even as health officials warn not to ease safety...

  • I don't think this is time to stop masking, distancing. We want to keep transmission as low as possible during this time of rolling out highly effective vaccines so they replicate less, mutate less, and to mimic clinical trial/real-world data. But SOON https://t.co/wrQPJ89Ncu

New CDC guidelines will reportedly tell vaccinated Americans it’s safe to gather in small groups

posted 2 days

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Business Insider - Even fully vaccinated people will still need to wear masks and social distance in public, two senior White House officials told...

Biden aims for all teachers to get at least one vaccine shot by end of month

posted 2 days

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MarketWatch - President Joe Biden on Tuesday said he aims to “add one more tool to school reopening — a vaccinated workforce,” as he announced a...

  • Pres Biden wants all teachers to get 1st dose by end of March - then 2nd dose April- then open. Can extend over summer if possible to make up for past learning? Writing piece about why all these requirements no longer needed for schools post teacher vax https://t.co/0hSGD9h6PM

bioRxiv - The emergence of SARS-CoV-2 variants highlighted the need to better understand adaptive immune responses to this virus. It is important to address whether also...