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Scientists are studying whether long COVID could be linked to viral fragments found in the body months after initial...

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    Increasing evidence points to reservoirs of SAR2-CoV2 lasting in for months Potentially implicated in Long COVID But This is NOT the first we’ve seen this Measles - famous as an Acute infection - can persist in gut lymphoid tissue for 6+ months 1/ https://t.co/HmV0q0jtJh - view on twitter

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‘This is not a failure of Paxlovid,’ argues Michael Mina, MD,...

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    Rebound of Virus after Paxlovid is not a failure of Paxlovid We know the drug is working remarkably well to save lives Rebound may simply mean that we may need a longer course (I discuss why it happens and what we should do in a short video here) https://t.co/KPZvkBJf3B - view on twitter

Clearance of measles virus is complex. Infectious virus is cleared by the adaptive immune response manifested by the characteristic maculopapular rash. CD8[+] T cells...

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    Persistent Measles virus infection is though to play a role in encephalitis in children and all sorts of other problems. It is ALSO thought to potentially be a reason immunity after measles is so strong. 2/ https://t.co/Q15xKIWLh6 - view on twitter

Testing for coronavirus infections has plummeted globally, making it tougher for scientists to spot emerging...

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    On low reporting of tests: “tests [& surveillance] would rise if access to antivirals were improved… one of the best ways to increase testing is to integrate it into health services” I agree Linking reportable tests to Treatment is smart public health https://t.co/p7IZWENrnf - view on twitter

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    The link from @IDSAInfo is a terrific resource for doctors, and other healthcare professionals to use when considering prescribing Paxlovid, including how to manage the dosing. Highly recommend https://t.co/ji3iCvL0o3 2/ - view on twitter

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    MANY clinicians have been so inundated about Paxlovid drug interactions that they simply don’t prescribe this life saving drug But is the concern overblown? Only 2 drugs identified w such bad interactions that Paxlovid shouldnt be prescribed at all 1/ https://t.co/ji3iCvL0o3 - view on twitter

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Engineers add tremendous value in all areas of global health and medical care. They are unsung heroes of global...

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    1/ Successful Public health Programs rely on Engineering principles as much as medical ones It’s rare that public health is discussed with Engineering But it should be. Public Health Engineering Depts. should exist! A wonderful article by @paimadhu https://t.co/gXTsnQPsmj - view on twitter

Every home in the U.S. is eligible to order a 3rd round of free at-home tests. Order yours...