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Helping COVID ‘Long Haulers’ in Primary Care

posted 16 hours

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Medscape - Long-haul COVID-19 is nowhere near being well understood, but Dr Chuck Vega has guidance for supporting patients through their long-term...

New Tool May Improve Suicidality Detection

posted 2 days

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Medscape - Researchers have developed a proprietary computer adaptive screening tool that may help emergency departments more accurately predict suicide attempts in...

Helping Parents and Children Deal With a Child’s Limb Deformity

posted 2 days

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Medscape - My decision to accept the risks to reap the benefits of surgery is small potatoes compared with the decisions that the parents of a...

Psychiatric Disorders Linked to Earlier Alzheimer’s Onset

posted 1 day

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Medscape - Depression, anxiety, and other psychiatric disorders are linked to earlier onset of Alzheimer’s disease, new research...

Murthy for SG, Levine for HHS Get Mostly Positive Senate Reception

posted 11 hours

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Medscape - In committee hearing, the surgeon general and assistant health secretary nominees vow to attack COVID-19, as well as mental health and substance use...

Serotonin Syndrome: Practice Essentials, Problem, Management

posted 2 days

Medscape eMedicine - Practice Essentials Serotonin syndrome is classically described as involving a combination of autonomic hyperactivity, hemodynamic changes, neuromuscular derangements, and changes in mental status. This article...

Certain Occupations Associated With Higher Rates of Heavy Drinking

posted 21 hours

Medscape - Certain occupations may be associated with a higher likelihood of heavy drinking in people aged 40-69...

Missed Visits During Pandemic Cause ‘Detrimental Ripple Effects’

posted 6 hours

Medscape - Patients with chronic diseases are more likely to have postponed care because of COVID-19 precautions, a survey finds, and physicians are seeing the...