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Warning for COVID Long Haulers From Polio Survivors

posted 16 hours

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Medscape - After a vaccine for polio was developed, outbreaks were controlled. But there are still up to a million survivors in the United States, and...

  • After fighting polio in the 1950s, this survivor says he’s more disabled now than immediately after his acute attack.“https://t.co/OcgtYIimEF #longhaulers

Racial Bias a ‘Major Issue’ in Senior Medical Appointments

posted 7 hours

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Medscape - Doctors from BAME backgrounds are at a consistent disadvantage when applying for senior posts compared with White applicants, a report by the RCP...

Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause Statement Stresses Tx Options

posted 2 days

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Medscape - Providers should take a proactive approach to GSM and ask about symptoms as many women aren’t aware that effective treatments are...

Prepping for COVID-Flu Triage as Flu Season Begins

posted 2 days

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Medscape - With COVID-19 testing access still widely disparate, triage is more important for patients with symptoms that could be flu or the novel...

Trending Clinical Topic: Insulin

posted 2 days

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Medscape - Each week, we identify one top search term, speculate about what caused its popularity, and provide an infographic on a related condition. If you...

25 Drugs, Drug Classes Added to FDA’s Safety Signal List

posted 1 day

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Medscape - The agency found a potential safety problem in a diabetes drug class. Several proton pump inhibitors and fibric acid derivatives also made the...

HIV Drugs Prevent Type 2 Diabetes, May Be Path to New Therapy

posted 14 mins

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Medscape - An analysis of five databases shows that the NRTIs used to treat HIV and hepatitis B infection are able to prevent diabetes by blocking...

  • Drugs long used to treat HIV and Hep B appear to prevent the development of diabetes in a substantial proportion of patients, a new meta-analysis finds. https://t.co/9u3VCnFEiB

Antiepileptic Drugs: Overview, Mechanism of Action, Sodium Channel Blockers

posted 1 day

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Medscape eMedicine - Modern treatment of seizures started in 1850 with the introduction of bromides, which was based on the theory that epilepsy was caused by an...

Depression Protective Against ECT-Induced Impairment?

posted 16 hours

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Medscape - Patients with severe melancholic or psychotic depression are more likely to respond to ECT. Preliminary evidence indicates they’re also protected against ECT-induced cognitive...

  • Patients with severe melancholic or psychotic depression are more likely to respond to ECT and be protected from ECT-cognitive impairment, preliminary study finds. https://t.co/A0m5bV2LCY #ECNP2020 Congress