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Boston Children’s Hospital will no longer perform two types of intersex surgery on children

posted 11 hours

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USA TODAY - The decision comes a few months after Lurie Children’s Hospital announced it would suspend intersex...

COVID-19, ACA Highlighted in Final Presidential Debate of 2020

posted 19 hours

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MedPageToday - Candidates offer contrasting views of Trump’s pandemic...

Cardiac Arrest Care: Don’t Forget Emotional Recovery, AHA Says

posted 2 days

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MedPageToday - CPR recommendations in opioid overdose and pregnancy also feature in new...

Aspirated Foreign Objects: Not Just Kids at Risk

posted 1 day

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MedPageToday - Adults more likely to be alone and/or under the influence when emergency...

FDA OKs Remdesivir, First Drug for COVID-19

posted 13 hours

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MedPageToday - Approval comes a week after WHO trial showed no survival...

COVID-19 in Africa: A Ground Level View

posted 2 days

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MedPageToday - Marty Makary asks Jon Fielder why countries like Kenya are being...

  • How did Africa avoid a terrible #COVID19 scenario despite scarce resources and medical vulnerability? In this video, our Editor-in-Chief @MartyMakary, MD, MPH, speaks with Jon Fielder, MD, co-founder of African Mission Healthcare. https://t.co/Ms8eKIrvk9

Model: More Mask-Wearing May Slash U.S. COVID-19 Death Toll

posted 10 hours

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MedPageToday - Winter is coming, and masking, social distancing could shrink the...

FDA Panel Stresses Safety, Diversity, Efficacy for COVID-19 Vax

posted 17 hours

MedPageToday - Advisors mostly agree with agency guidance, though devil is in the...

  • #COVID19 #vaccine safety, dueling efficacy standards, and representation of groups from racial and ethnic minorities to children drew focus at arguably the most watched @US_FDA advisory committee meeting ever. By @MedPageID. https://t.co/s9K8L0vF2r

Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine trial is fully enrolled, 37 percent of participants are minorities

posted 15 hours

Washington Post - The company says it could have sufficient data to seek a regulatory OK in...

OxyContin Maker to Take Plea on Federal Criminal Charges

posted 2 days

MedPageToday - Critics say Sackler family, Purdue Pharma execs will walk away...