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Newly discovered subset of brain cells fight inflammation with instructions from the gut

posted 1 day

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Medical Xpress - Astrocytes are the most abundant type of cells within the central nervous system (CNS), but they remain poorly characterized. Researchers have long assumed that...

Biomarkers in mother’s plasma predict a type of autism in offspring with 100% accuracy

posted 1 day

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Medical Xpress - Using machine learning, researchers at the UC Davis MIND Institute have identified several patterns of maternal autoantibodies highly associated with the diagnosis and severity...

SARS-CoV-2 reacts to antibodies of virus from 2003 SARS outbreak, new study reveals

posted 1 day

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Medical Xpress - A new study demonstrates that antibodies generated by the novel coronavirus react to other strains of coronavirus and vice versa, according to research published...

Researchers develop promising way to find new cancer drugs

posted 1 day

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Medical Xpress - All the cells in the human body share the same genes. But how our genes are expressed determines whether a cell becomes a brain...

Scientists unravel mystery of sex disparities in COVID-19 outcomes

posted 13 hours

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Medical Xpress - A little more than a year ago, as the first reports rolled in about the outbreak of a novel new coronavirus in China, it...

LSD may offer viable treatment for certain mental disorders

posted 7 hours

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Medical Xpress - Researchers from McGill University have discovered, for the first time, one of the possible mechanisms that contributes to the ability of lysergic acid diethylamide...

Living near trees may prevent vascular damage from pollution

posted 2 days

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Medical Xpress - Researchers at the University of Louisville have shown that living near an abundance of green vegetation can offset the negative effects of air pollution...

Protein anchors as a newly discovered key molecule in cancer spread and epilepsy

posted 1 day

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Medical Xpress - Certain anchor proteins inhibit a key metabolic driver that plays an important role in cancer and developmental brain disorders. Scientists from the German Cancer...

Drink and drug risk is lower among optimistic pupils with ‘happy’ memories, says study

posted 1 day

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Medical Xpress - Teenagers with happy childhood memories are likely to drink less, take fewer drugs and enjoy learning, according to research published in the peer-reviewed journal...

Genetic breakthrough to target care for deadly heart condition

posted 1 day

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Medical Xpress - New genetic faults discovered in people with a heart condition that is sometimes inherited in families could transform the diagnosis and treatment of the...