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Effect of a Single High Dose of Vitamin D3 in Patients With Moderate to Severe COVID-19

posted 14 hours

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JAMA Network - This randomized trial compares the effects of a single 200 000-IU dose of vitamin D3 vs placebo on length of stay in patients hospitalized with...

Patient Information: Nystagmus

posted 12 hours

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JAMA Network - This JAMA Patient Page describes the types, causes, and treatment of nystagmus, a rhythmic involuntary movement of the...

  • Nystagmus is a rhythmic involuntary movement of the eyes that can be associated with vertigo, to-and-fro illusions of motion, and blurry vision. It can be primary or secondary to other disease or medications https://t.co/nt29TWNWgE @malcolmkates @UFMedicine

COVID-19 Case-Fatality Rate and Characteristics of Patients Dying in Italy

posted 1 day

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JAMA Network - This Viewpoint from physicians with the Italian National Institute of Health confirms a higher case-fatality rate from coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Italy compared...

Oral Rimegepant Safe, Effective for Migraine Prevention

posted 21 hours

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JAMA Network - Rimegepant is safe and effective for preventing migraines, a phase 2 and 3 trial published in The Lancet reported. The orally administered calcitonin gene–related...

  • Rimegepant, an oral calcitonin gene-related peptide receptor antagonist, is safe & effective for preventing migraines in a new phase 3 trial. It's already approved for acute treatment; no oral drugs are currently approved to both prevent & treat migraine https://t.co/VSXXZTgGKa

Lower Extremity Purpuric Rash and Fever After an Ankle Fracture

posted 15 hours

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JAMA Network - A 48-year-old man had erythema without warmth over his right ankle and dorsomedial foot, with nontender, nonpalpable purpura over the foot dorsum and scattered...

  • A 48 yo man had nontender, nonpalpable purpura over his foot dorsum and scattered petechiae over his RLE 6 weeks after an ankle fracture; temp was 38.2 C (100.8 F). What is the diagnosis and what would you do next? https://t.co/1aLebWTODJ @BIDMChealth @UWMedicine

Coronavirus Vaccines—An Overview

posted 2 days

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AMA EdHub - The Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna COVID-19 mRNA vaccines are the first of many being tested for widespread use. Buddy Creech, MD, MPH, director of the...

A Viral Pandemic, Vaccine Safety, and Compensation for Adverse Events

posted 18 hours

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JAMA Network - This Viewpoint reviews the system in place to compensate US residents for proven vaccine injury via the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program and emphasizes that...

  • No medical intervention, including vaccines, is 100% free of adverse reactions in 100% of recipients, but people should understand the benefit of vaccines to individuals and society far exceed risks of harm https://t.co/CArK16rsAW @TuftsMedSchool

Physician Videos Improve COVID-19 Knowledge Among Minorities

posted 2 days

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JAMA Network - Informational videos starring physicians modestly improved coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) knowledge among US Black and Latino adults regardless of the clinician’s race, according to...

  • Info videos featuring docs modestly improved #COVID19 knowledge among US Black & Latino adults regardless of the clinician’s race, in a new trial. The 3 videos covered basics about the virus and the importance of social distancing, hygiene, face masks https://t.co/qEFkXLGJJd

Antibody Titers After a Single Vaccine Dose in Health Care Workers Previously Infected With SARS-CoV-2

posted 8 hours

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JAMA Network - This study compares titers of binding and neutralizing antibodies after a single mRNA coronavirus vaccine dose in health care workers previously infected with...

  • HCWs at @UMMC w serology-defined prior #COVID19 infection had higher Ab titer responses to single-dose mRNA vaccine vs those not previously infected, informing proposals that the former might be protected w single-dose vax, or be lower priority https://t.co/7TYvbCl494

Patient Information: The Johnson & Johnson Vaccine for COVID-19

posted 6 hours

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JAMA Network - This JAMA Patient Page explains how the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine, likely to be the third SARS-CoV-2 vaccine approved for widespread use, uses...

  • The @US_FDA has authorized use of the JNJ/Janssen vaccine. The gene for the #SARSCoV2 spike protein is added to the DNA of a replication-disabled adenovirus 26 virus, which with vaccination infects host cells and induces production of CoV spike protein https://t.co/2Re7pnc9XX