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A Dallas doctor amplifies his call for more Black MDs

posted 3 weeks

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MSN - A plane ride to Chicago in 2005 crystallized for Dr. Dale Okorodudu how some white people view Black men. Okorodudu was a straight-A college...

Opinion | 60 Black Health Experts Urge Black Americans to Get Vaccinated

posted 3 weeks

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New York Times - Disinformation has pervaded social media and is an assault on our...

ACC’s 2021 Distinguished Awardees Announced – American College of Cardiology

posted 4 weeks

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American College of Cardiology - ACC’s list of 2021 Distinguished Awardees represents a diverse group of individuals from around the globe who are tangibly helping to transform cardiovascular care...

American College of Cardiology - February 25, 2021 7:00 PM iCal Meeting Type: Webinars – Live Location: Online – Eastern Time (ET) Join Dr. Quinn Capers IV for an...

  • Cardiology (and other) Program Directors: I hope you can join us Feb 25. Tools and Best Practices For Enhancing Diversity in Cardiology Fellowship Training Programs - American College of Cardiology https://t.co/ArGtvkHoZ0

St. Peters father dies in hospital parking lot after family says hospital refused treatment

posted 1 month

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KMOV.com - Sadie Bell says her husband David died in the parking lot of the Barnes Jewish Hospital in St. Peters during his third time at...

  • Visited the ER 3 times w chest pain; discharged each time. Then he died in the parking lot. If 1 of the Drs shared his culture/background, might they have considered admitting for observation? This is what we fight w each lecture, each essay. https://t.co/IFme8z9etb via @KMOV

Bouffant or Surgeon’s cap and the struggle for identity

posted 4 weeks

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The American Journal of Surgery - When the world looks at me they don’t see a surgeon – because I’m female. Oh sure, we live in a “progressive” society where...

  • Excellent, humorous, and insightful piece by CT Surgeon Dr. Elizabeth Stephens, MDPhD (@EHStephensCHD) about the plight of women in male-dominated specialties. #WomenInMedicine #ILookLikeASurgeon Bouffant or Surgeon’s cap and the struggle for identity https://t.co/M2OtPiPF3m

chicagotribune.com - A misdemeanor charge has been dropped against a Black man who was arrested last week for walking home on a street during a snowstorm...

  • As bad as the snow/ice were in TX last wk, a WalMart in Plano was open. A Black employee was walking home in the ice, stumbling a bit. Police were called. They arrested him. Black man arrested for walking on street in Texas snowstorm - Chicago Tribune https://t.co/7JkuxQbFNq

Advancing Black Men in Medicine

posted 3 weeks

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YouTube - According to Dr. Uzondu Osuagwu, “The number of Black males applying to medical school has not increased significantly since 1978”. In this video, MD...

Building Confidence in the COVID-19 Vaccines

posted 3 weeks

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YouTube - Vaccine hesitancy runs deep in the U.S., particularly in hard-hit communities of color. Dr. Quinn Capers, Associate Dean for Faculty Diversity at UT...

College Board Will Discontinue the SAT’s Essay Section and Subject Matter Tests

posted 1 month

www.yahoo.com - The SAT is dropping the optional essay section subject matter tests in order to “simplify” the College Board’s work and “reduce demands on...