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SARS-CoV-2 Vaccines and the Growing Threat of Viral Variants

posted 1 month

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JAMA Network - This Viewpoint reviews circulating SARS-CoV-2 genetic variants and mechanisms of immunity by which they might escape coronavirus vaccine-induced protection and proposes 6 measures to...

Doctor who will review Johnson & Johnson’s COVID vaccine data calls preliminary findings encouraging

posted 1 month

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YouTube - Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine found to be 72% effective in the U.S. in preventing moderate to severe COVID-19 after almost 30 days. It...

Vaccine Vs. Variants: COVID Vaccine Update w/Dr. Paul Offit

posted 4 weeks

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YouTube - Will vaccines still be effective against coronavirus variants, what are the differences between the new vaccines, should we delay the second dose, can we...

TWiV 720: With vaccines, Offit is on it

posted 3 weeks

Mashup Score: 4

YouTube - Paul Offit joins TWiV to discuss all things vaccine, including how COVID-19 vaccine development was accelerated, whether the vaccines are safe and...

Protecting the Public with Limited COVID-19 Vaccine Supply: 1 Or 2 Doses?

posted 4 weeks

Mashup Score: 3

www.chop.edu - Dr. Paul Offit explains what is missing from discussions considering giving more people a single dose of the limited COVID-19 vaccine supply, compared with...