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My Teens Are Coronavirus Vaccine Guinea Pigs

posted 2 weeks

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New York Times - A health journalist is getting a front-row seat to one of the most-anticipated pediatric trials in...

  • “Guinea pig” terminology is not helpful, @nytimes. Not only does this flippancy undermine trust in carefully reviewed clinical trials, guinea pigs are much more rarely used in lab experiments nowadays than in the 19th and early 20th centuries. https://t.co/O9OC2DWCzG

Robert Arthur Kyle, MD: a conversation with the editor

posted 1 month

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PubMed Central (PMC) - Dr. Robert A. Kyle, Professor of Medicine and Laboratory Medicine and Pathology at Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, Rochester, Minnesota, presented the Marvin J....

Massachusetts restricts table size, dining duration — not capacity

posted 1 month

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Restaurant Dive - The state’s new mandates, which also require diners to wear masks when they aren’t eating or drinking, are much more relaxed than the on-premise...

Charlie Baker Is Stepping up Enforcement of the Requirement That Restaurants Accompany Booze With Food

posted 1 month

boston.eater.com - In his latest COVID-19 press conference, Gov. Baker discussed a crackdown on “bars masquerading as restaurants” while also tightening regulations on outdoor gatherings By...

  • @VPrasadMDMPH Learned this one from a patient: Mass. closed bars that don’t serve food, but allowed those that do serve food to stay open. So bars without food started selling simple food like $1 microburgers called “Baker Bites” (named after the governor) to stay open. https://t.co/RUuZbKhlIW