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Analysis & updates | Good News Despite Data Wobbles: This Week in COVID-19 Data, Feb 25

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The COVID Tracking Project - All major indicators of COVID-19 transmission in the United States continue to fall this week. Nationally, cases have been falling for six weeks, hospitalizations...

  • Our weekly update is published. COVID-19 cases have been declining for 6 weeks, hospitalizations for 5 weeks, and deaths for 4 weeks. States reported fewer than 15K deaths this week, for the first time in 2021. https://t.co/Jpamin5UVm

Analysis & updates | Federal COVID Data 101: Working with Death Numbers

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The COVID Tracking Project - At the federal level, two datasets provide information about COVID-19 fatalities: the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) COVID Data Tracker, and Provisional Death Counts...

COVID Data Tracker

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - CDC’s home for COVID-19 data. Visualizations, graphs, and data in one easy-to-use...

  • Reports have revealed that COVID-19 vaccinations are not being proportionately administered to the communities hit hardest by the virus. Vaccine data from @cdcgov also shows that race and ethnicity metadata is missing for nearly half of all vaccinations. https://t.co/LGwYkgeF5J

COVID Tracking Project Briefings

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Google Docs - A sign-up form for anyone who’d like to attend briefings for learning how to use COVID-19...

The COVID Tracking Project

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The COVID Tracking Project - The COVID Tracking Project collects and publishes the most complete testing data available for US states and...

Analysis & updates | How Day-of-Week Effects Impact COVID-19 Data

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The COVID Tracking Project - In the course of the 11 months that we’ve collected data on COVID-19 testing and outcomes, we’ve learned that an understanding of state reporting...

  • Data this week was disrupted by 2 confounding factors: a holiday and a major winter storm which resulted in an artificial drop and rise in daily COVID-19 figures. Our post about day-of-the-week effects can help contextualize these wobbles. https://t.co/uFVNSRLEBL

Analysis & updates | Confirmed and Probable COVID-19 Deaths, Counted Two Ways

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The COVID Tracking Project - In the first few months of the COVID-19 outbreak in the United States, most states reported a single “deaths” figure to account for everyone...