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Craving Chinese Food? How to Pick Asian Food That’s Heart Healthy

posted 2 days

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Health Essentials from Cleveland Clinic - How to order — and prepare — nutritious Asian...

  • Asian cuisine offers a rainbow of vegetables and lean proteins. But hidden salt, fat and other stealthy additives can quickly sabotage this heart-healthy fare. Be good to your heart by following these tips: https://t.co/qPrzEKSu5O

CYCLE Riders May Speed Research to Slow Down Parkinson’s Disease

posted 18 hours

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Cleveland Clinic - Sally has managed her Parkinson’s disease for 16 years. Cycling is showing promise for her...

  • Every time Sally hops on her bike, she pedals to keep her Parkinson's disease at bay. Read how researchers are studying exercise to see if it can slow the progression of Parkinson's. https://t.co/OsbJV8FDCT

Here’s How the First Rounds of the COVID-19 Vaccine Will Roll Out

posted 12 hours

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Health Essentials from Cleveland Clinic - Hope on the...

What Does It Mean That the Coronavirus Is Mutating?

posted 2 days

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Health Essentials from Cleveland Clinic - New variants appear to be more contagious, but there’s lots left to...