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Surprising Surge of Egg Freezing during the Pandemic Raises Ethical Questions – The Hastings Center

posted 4 hours

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The Hastings Center - Contrary to the expectations of many fertility clinics, demand for egg freezing has increased sharply during the Covid-19 pandemic, highlighting longstanding ethical concerns about...

Clinicians fear NFL’s concussion settlement program protocols discriminate against Black players

posted 1 day

ABC News - According to emails obtained by ABC News, some clinicians who evaluate former NFL players lament that the league’s protocols supersede their professional...

  • NFL uses “race-norming” that assumes the average Black player starts at a lower level of cognitive functioning than the average white player — with significant impacts on payouts. https://t.co/eZIfwviPIx

Media Elevate Eugenicists, Sideline Disabled Voices in Discussions of Covid Rationing

posted 1 day

FAIR - Corporate media have elevated some experts without disclosing their troubling views on disability, aging and the value of human...

Egg freezing is on the up – but new research raises questions about how clinics advertise

posted 11 hours

The Conversation - COVID-19 has led to a sharp rise in inquiries at some of London’s largest fertility...

  • UK #fertility clinics in general provide a poor standard of information about egg freezing, are not transparent about costs, and do not always provide accurate data on success rates, according to recent research. https://t.co/eVQK6lR2NA