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Hydrating the Respiratory Tract: An Alternative Explanation Why Masks Lower Severity of COVID-19

posted 1 week

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Biophysical Journal - Seasonality of respiratory diseases has been linked, among other factors, to low outdoor absolute humidity and low indoor relative humidity, which increase evaporation of...

Pfizer vaccine found to give strong immune response to new Covid variants

posted 2 weeks

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The Guardian - Study finds patients have strong T-cell response after one jab, and second boosts antibody...

medRxiv - A distinctive feature of the roll out of vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 virus in the UK was the decision to delay the timing of the...

  • HERE’S a fascinating preprint. One dose of mRNA vaccine effectiveness estimate, real world. Used Israeli data to estimate incidence per day, and vaccine effectiveness from day 13-24. Saw INCREASED infection risk in first 8 days (behavioural change?) 1/ https://t.co/mFnfOi9iIl

PubMed - Fit is critical to the level of protection offered by respirators. For an N95 respirator to provide the promised protection, it must fit the...

  • Particle count study, self checking fit wasn't accurate, 4/7 people didn't fit any K/N95, and poorly fit respirators were comparable with surgical and cloth masks. Also, their surgical masks / cloth masks weren't top quality but did OK anyway... https://t.co/l0a2dr03Uq 7/

dash.harvard.edu - Citation Kissler, Stephen, Joseph R. Fauver, Christina Mack, Caroline G. Tai, Mallery I. Breban, et al. “Densely sampled viral trajectories suggest longer duration of...

  • Suggesting that the duration of likely infectivity may be longer: https://t.co/Tp3kFE0oMX More studies like this will inform whether longer isolation, different PPE, distancing guidelines are needed. In the meantime- please do all the recommended things, well, all the time!

Israel’s rapid rollout of vaccinations for COVID-19

posted 3 weeks

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Israel Journal of Health Policy Research - As of the end of 2020, the State of Israel, with a population of 9.3 million, had administered more COVID-19 vaccine doses than all...

  • How did Israel vaccinate 10-50X faster? This paper says: Small population, geographically tight area, relatively young population, decent weather in December 2020, a centralized national system of government, and well-developed emergency infrastructure https://t.co/4f4WaecLaU 1/

Virologist Christian Drosten: “I Am Quite Apprehensive about What Might Otherwise Happen in Spring and Summer”

posted 1 month

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www.spiegel.de - In an interview with Christian Drosten, the German virologist looks back on the mistakes he has made in the coronavirus pandemic – and ahead...

  • This is an interesting read, on science and expertise and politics in COVID. I respect his approach - and agree that too much Twitter can make you crazy, and respect his approach to people he disagrees with scientifically. https://t.co/ywpSFgt0r0

The Epidemiology of COVID-19 in Canada in 2020: The Pre-Vaccine Era | The Royal Society of Canada

posted 3 weeks

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rsc-src.ca - Established by the President of the Royal Society of Canada in April 2020, the RSC Task Force on COVID-19 was mandated to provide evidence-informed perspectives on...

France’s Pasteur Institute abandons its principal Covid-19 vaccine project

posted 1 month

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France 24 - France’s Pasteur Institute said on Monday it was ending development of a Covid-19 vaccine with US pharmaceutical company Merck after clinical trial results proved...

  • Pasteur/ Merck measles vaccine based COVID19 vaccine not going forward. Is this unfortunate? Yes - nice to work to a menu of vaccines made in different ways with maybe different advantages in specific patients groups- but, also, testing systems work. https://t.co/do2IfNBq6Z

COVID-19 Vaccines – Alberta Rheumatology

posted 4 weeks

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Alberta Rheumatology - Information on COVID-19 vaccines for those with arthritis & rheumatic diseases. Are they safe? Effective? What about medication...