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Scott Atlas, controversial former Trump adviser, deletes Twitter account

posted 2 weeks

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STAT - Atlas deleted his Twitter account, apparently in response to the site’s decision to remove accounts accounts after the Capitol...

  • First, we were mean & uncivil about the literally deadly public health policy advice he was unqualified to give. Then, Twitter cruelly deprived him of 12K followers. Now, the Eric Cartman of neuroradiology announces "screw you guys, I'm going home!" https://t.co/29kLPLzHD2

  • Former COVID advisor Scott Atlas deleted his Twitter account,saying the site inflames “extreme thinking and disseminates distortions”. He didn’t comment on his own extreme thinking or dissemination of distortions that directly worsened COVID19 in the US. https://t.co/3nPR8Xx4H3

Azar acknowledges a top C.D.C. official was right in her February warning about mass disruption.

posted 1 week

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New York Times - Credit…Jenna Schoenefeld for The New York TimesGov. Gavin Newsom’s announcement on Wednesday seemed sweeping: California would open up eligibility for a coronavirus vaccine to...

  • Never forget that this administration’s response to COVID19 was an unmitigated and abject failure characterized by disinformation and gaslighting, a deliberate undermining of long-trusted institutions and the unnecessary deaths of so many Americans. https://t.co/5cvTtV5V6P

Reflections: Community Event for the National Covid Memorial

posted 6 days

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Reimagine - Join Marked By COVID and Reimagine for an online community program and group-watch of the lighting ceremony at the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting...

  • I'm honored to join @MarkedByCovid for an online memorial TODAY from 4:30-6:30pm. This memorial will accompany the special lighting of the Lincoln Memorial to commemorate the 400,000 friends and family members lost to COVID this past year. Please join us. https://t.co/gzZTaSGu81

How Do We Grieve 300,000 Lives Lost?

posted 1 month

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NPR - Eleven months into the COVID-19 crisis, an unimaginable death toll has been reached. NPR spoke to doctors, nurses and the bereaved about how they...

  • During the last 2 weeks, COVID19 was the leading cause of death in the US, outpacing even heart disease & cancer.  "That should be absolutely stunning," Spencer says. "At what point do we wake up and say, this can't be normalized?" Thanks @WStoneReports https://t.co/GVef6TJ585

No ICU beds? Expect double the number of Covid-19 deaths.

posted 2 weeks

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Vox - When hospitals fill up, the risk of death for coronavirus patients spikes, new studies...

My Emergency Room Is Full of Patients No Vaccine Can Help

posted 4 weeks

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The Atlantic - Even with a speedy rollout, many Americans will die of the coronavirus before they can get...

  • Yes, there is light at the end of the tunnel, but it’s faint and the tunnel is longer than it might appear. We absolutely need to do everything possible to quickly get vaccines out. And in the meantime, double-down on the simple things we know save lives. https://t.co/hArJl7X0OM

Coronavirus Vaccines Won’t Save Us—Yet

posted 4 weeks

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The Atlantic - Even with a speedy rollout, many Americans will die of the coronavirus before they can get...

Past Seasons Estimated Influenza Disease Burden | CDC

posted 2 weeks

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - These page includes information about the estimated burden of influenza from past seasons, including tables of the estimated influenza disease burden (and 95% credible...

New York City doctor on receiving coronavirus vaccine: ‘Euphoric’ experience

posted 1 month

Fox News - Pfizer coronavirus vaccinations are underway across the U.S.; Dr. Craig Spencer joins ‘CAVUTO...

  • I joined @FoxNews today to talk about COVID19 vaccines including why I was so ecstatic to be vaccinated. We discussed the few allergic reactions that’ve been reported. It’s important to remember it’s MUCH easier to treat those than a severe covid patient! https://t.co/zqSQc1kLfq