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    Abstract. The classification of heart failure with implications for pharmacological therapeutic interventions rests on defining ejection fraction (EF) which is

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    • Imaging for implementation of #HeartFailure guidelines HF imaging guidelines detail when and how often imaging is needed, and advise on using multimodality imaging. ASE/EACVI guidelines further delve into #EchoFirst methods and their pros/cons https://t.co/G18vr4W9wT #EHJCVI… https://t.co/Ph8TRC2Gpi https://t.co/3Fg6WBcBYy

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    An official journal of the European Society of Cardiology. Publishes material, both scientific and clinical, from all areas of cardiovascular imaging including echocardiography, magnetic resonance, computed tomography, nuclear and invasive imaging.

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    • RT @GeraldMaurer: NEW #EHJCVI Focus Issue on Phenotyping #heartfailure and #cvimaging in Personalized Medicine https://t.co/IiDbhilC1Q @E…