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New Jersey gym co-owner says state seized legal defense funds amid battle over COVID fines

posted 1 month

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Fox News - The co-owner of a South Jersey gym who has butted heads with state officials over his open defiance of coronavirus lockdown orders told “Tucker...

  • New Jersey gym that stayed open against lockdown mandates has its entire bank account of $173,000 seized by the state without notice. This wouldn’t have happened if they owned #bitcoin You don’t control the money in your bank account. Don’t forget that. https://t.co/xKtcMIBeI1

Coinbase Files to Go Public on Nasdaq Via Direct Listing

posted 5 days

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Bloomberg - Coinbase Global Inc., the biggest U.S. cryptocurrency exchange, filed to go public via a direct listing, in what’s anticipated to be a break-through moment...

A Currency that Rises in Value Will Change Everything

posted 3 weeks

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AIER - “Maybe widespread ownership and use of Bitcoin and other cryptos can make a cultural and economic contribution to converting us from profligate to thrifty...

‎The Podcast by KevinMD: Everything physicians need to know about Bitcoin on Apple Podcasts

posted 1 week

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Apple Podcasts - ‎Show The Podcast by KevinMD, Ep Everything physicians need to know about Bitcoin – Feb 20,...

The Future of Bitcoin: 12 Scenarios From Bullish to Bearish – CoinDesk

posted 3 days

CoinDesk - Digital gold? Global reserve currency? Attacked from all sides? Bitcoin on Mars? Here are 12 ways Bitcoin could...