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Ex-Apple CEO: Big tech has yet to master healthcare but ‘only a matter of time’

posted 3 weeks

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www.spglobal.com - John Sculley spoke with S&P Global Market Intelligence about the future for telehealth and how big tech might disrupt the healthcare...

Biden orders new actions to combat COVID-19, joins global effort on vaccines

posted 1 month

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www.spglobal.com - On his second day in office, President Joe Biden called on the U.S. federal government to take new actions to combat the COVID-19 crisis...

CES 2021: Smart-home market bursting with range of luxury, practical devices

posted 1 month

www.spglobal.com - Continuing concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic made for a more business- and health-oriented mix of smart-home products at CES 2021, the first online-only edition...

2021 AI and machine learning outlook

posted 3 weeks

www.spglobal.com - AI and machine learning may still be hot and top of mind for technology decision makers, line of business folk and investors, but that...

China’s big tech to continue disruption of healthcare sector despite crackdown

posted 2 weeks

www.spglobal.com - Industry observers believe that the online services will continue to disrupt the healthcare sector beyond the pandemic due to their ability to facilitate easier...

  • Interesting article on China's health care disruption. It feels a bit like cellular - China may be able to avoid a lot of the offline massive investments Western health systems have made and benefit from a digital first health system. Thoughts? https://t.co/Yc36IEc6By