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How elimination versus suppression became Covid’s cold war | Laura Spinney

posted 2 days

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The Guardian - Getting rid of the virus completely now seems impossible, but there are powerful arguments in its favour, says author Laura...

  • “And so the world is cleaved in two. One bloc assumes that Covid-19 can be eliminated, the other that it can’t. The latter thinks the former is chasing an impossible utopia. The former thinks the utopia could be achieved if only everyone pulled together.” https://t.co/qXrx0V66TI

Scientists who discovered migraine mechanism win £1.1m Brain prize

posted 12 hours

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The Guardian - World’s largest neuroscience prize goes to researchers whose work has paved way for preventive...

Farmers and rights groups boycott food summit over big business links

posted 4 hours

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The Guardian - Focus on agro-business rather than ecology has split groups invited to planned UN conference on...

  • UN is in "strategic partnership" w/ Agro-biz to make hunger policy. Protestors say these multinationals from the World Economic Forum (WEF, aka Davos) caused the problem in the 1st place. Corporations are not designed to prioritize needs of the people https://t.co/Ys7AuHYD2T

Unions attack ‘sinister’ plan to force NHS staff to have Covid vaccine

posted 2 days

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The Guardian - Government reportedly considering making jab mandatory for health and care workers in...

Video nasty: Prince Harry faces racism inquiry over footage of ‘Paki’ remark

posted 8 hours

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The Guardian - Condemnation for use of ‘offensive’ terms, including calling a cadet ‘raghead’, results in...

Twitter targets Covid vaccine misinformation with labels and ‘strike’ system

posted 5 hours

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The Guardian - Company expands efforts against coronavirus falsehoods amid fears over spread of anti-vax material...

  • More on this move: "Twitter targets #Covid vaccine #misinformation with labels and 'strike' system" https://t.co/geEaURyNXn "Twitter’s decision comes amid concern about the spread of anti-vaccination material on social media."

Covid deaths high in countries with more overweight people, says report

posted 1 day

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The Guardian - Governments urged to prioritise obese people for vaccinations over greater risk of death from...

Call of the rewild: releasing Britain’s rivers to ease flooding

posted 2 days

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The Guardian - Confining rivers creates valuable agricultural land but can lead to greater flood risk...

Hammer time! Baby fish brain lights up listening to U Can’t Touch This – video

posted 1 day

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The Guardian - Australian DJ and neuroscientist Rebecca Poulsen – AKA BeXta – is studying what happens to a zebrafish larvae brains when they hear certain sounds....

Lost on the frontline: US healthcare workers who died fighting Covid-19

posted 2 days

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The Guardian - More than 3,000 Americans in the healthcare system have died fighting Covid-19. We count them and investigate...