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Delicate Covid Vaccines Slow Rollout — Leading to Shots Given Out of Turn or, Worse, Wasted

posted 9 hours

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Kaiser Health News - “Thaw. Rest 15 minutes. Do not shake. Do not refreeze.”Do not shake. Do not refreeze.” Moderna’s vaccine comes with complicated instructions. And both available...

KHN’s ‘What the Health?’: The Biden Health Agenda

posted 2 days

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Kaiser Health News - President Joe Biden is wasting no time getting to work. On his first day in office, Biden signed a series of executive orders addressing...

Door to Door in Miami’s Little Havana to Build Trust in Testing, Vaccination

posted 2 days

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Kaiser Health News - It’s time-consuming but worthwhile: Residents respond to messages about Covid testing and vaccines when outreach teams speak their language and make a personal...

Advocates View Health Care as Key to Driving LGBTQ Rights Conversation

posted 15 hours

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Kaiser Health News - A state ban preventing local governments from enacting nondiscrimination ordinances expired Dec. 1, opening the door for a new wave of local nondiscrimination...

After a Decade of Lobbying, ALS Patients Gain Faster Access to Disability Payments

posted 2 days

Kaiser Health News - In late December, then-President Donald Trump signed a law that eliminates — only for people with Lou Gehrig’s disease — the required five-month waiting...

Yurts, Igloos and Pop-Up Domes: How Safe Is ‘Outside’ Restaurant Dining This Winter?

posted 1 day

Kaiser Health News - All kinds of new structures are popping up to extend the outdoor dining season. Some are safer than...

  • “The hospitality out here is exactly the same as it is in there,” Canlis said, gesturing to his restaurant, which overlooks Lake Union. “But that looks really different, so try to invite them into the ‘yurtiness’ of what we are doing.” 📝: @WStoneReports https://t.co/m2VAVz9rDN

Trump’s Pardons Included Health Care Execs Behind Massive Frauds

posted 1 day

Kaiser Health News - Those walking away free were facing years in prison for crimes of “unbounded...

Patients Fend for Themselves to Access Highly Touted Covid Antibody Treatments

posted 19 hours

Kaiser Health News - Months after President Donald Trump credited monoclonal antibody therapy for his quick recovery from covid-19, only a trickle of the product has found its...

  • “The bottleneck here in the funnel is administration, not availability of the product,” said Dr. Janet Woodcock, a veteran FDA official in charge of therapeutics for the federal Operation Warp Speed effort. 📝: @JoNel_Aleccia https://t.co/PuccIDtLpu

California Is Overriding Its Limits on Nurse Workloads as Covid Surges

posted 17 hours

Kaiser Health News - As covid patients flood California emergency rooms, hospitals are increasingly desperate to find enough staffers to care for them all. But some nurses worry...

  • “California was doing so well,” she said. “It was easy for all of us to believe that we kind of got it under control, and I think there was a lot of belief that we would be able to maintain that.” 📝: @adembosky https://t.co/ZQJUmdeIu3

Are Public Health Ads Worth the Price? Not if They’re All About Fear

posted 13 hours

Kaiser Health News - Public service announcements about drug use or other public health problems often fall short, public health marketing experts say, because they incite people’s worst...