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Effect of Telephone Calls on Depression and Anxiety Among Adults During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pandemic

posted 5 hours

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JAMA Network - This randomized clinical trial examines whether a layperson-delivered, empathy-focused program of telephone calls could rapidly improve loneliness, depression, and anxiety in at-risk...

  • Fabulous trial reduced loneliness, depression, and anxiety in Meals on Wheels participants who live alone over four weeks. How? College volunteers w 2 hrs training simply called a roster of 6-9 folks 2-5X/week (elders' choice) to ask how they are. https://t.co/XjzamfhCkJ

Sequelae in Adults at 6 Months After COVID-19 Infection

posted 2 days

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JAMA Network - This cohort study analyzed persistent symptoms among adults with coronavirus disease 2019 up to 9 months after illness...

Identifying COVID-19 Risk Through Observational Studies to Inform Control Measures

posted 1 day

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JAMA Network - This JAMA Insights Clinical Update from the CDC’s COVID-19 Response Team discusses the importance of observational data for identifying behaviors associated with SARS-CoV-2 transmission,...

  • Dining in restaurants associated with more than double the risk of #COVID19, presumably due to inability to #WearAMask while eating. Get takeout or delivery. Tip as generously as you can. https://t.co/wsxiQco7hr

Anaphylaxis After First Dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccination

posted 22 hours

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JAMA Network - This JAMA Insights review provides clinical details of anaphylactic reactions reported to and verified by the CDC in the first week of use of...

  • Per @CDCgov, 21 anaphylaxis cases occurred in the 1st week of @pfizer-BioNTech #COVID19 vaccine administration (11.1 per 1M doses): 4 patients (19%) hospitalized (3 in ICU), 17 (81%) managed in ED, 20 discharged; no known deaths https://t.co/sL55qhZWo2

Approval and Coverage of Cancer Drugs in England, Canada, and the US

posted 2 days

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JAMA Network - For approval of cancer drugs, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is tolerant of uncertainty and prioritizes speed over other factors.1 Most drug...

Clinical Benefit of Cancer Drugs Submitted for Reimbursement Decisions

posted 2 days

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JAMA Network - This cohort study evaluates the quality of evidence in the drug submission process for provincial reimbursement of the pan-Canadian Oncology Drug...

Association of the Timing of School Closures and Behavioral Changes With COVID-19 in the US

posted 2 days

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JAMA Network - This cross-sectional study assesses the independent associations of voluntary behavioral change, school closures, and bans on large gatherings with the incidence and mortality due...

  • New study finds that school closures have only a modest association with reduced #SARSCov2 transmission. Voluntary behavior change has a strong association https://t.co/xSJzocOP6c

Patient Information: Treatment of Alcohol Use Disorder

posted 23 hours

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JAMA Network - This JAMA Patient Page explains the medications (naltrexone, acamprosate, disulfiram) and behavioral treatments (cognitive behavior therapy [CBT]) used to manage alcohol use...


posted 1 day

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JAMA Network - IF SIR WILLIAM OSLER were to have summed up the philosophy of his life in a single word, it might well have been aequanimitas....

Social Isolation and Loneliness: Imperatives for Health Care in a Post-COVID World

posted 2 days

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JAMA Network - The importance of social determinants of health has been gaining traction in the health care sector during the last decade. Social determinants of health...