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Deloitte United States - Digital technologies, including tele-critical care, provide a powerful pathway to extend high-quality ICU/CCC capabilities to every patient’s...

  • #COVID19 has amplified the need for critical care specialists, especially in rural or underserved areas. Find out how tele-critical care could help in our #HealthForward blog. https://t.co/ElTXS8Uy1E

Can my COVID-19 Antibodies help others? RWD is Being used to Find Out

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Deloitte United States - Explore how real-world data is being used to see if someone’s COVID-19 antibodies can help others avoid severe...

  • Once someone has recovered from #COVID19, how long will the antibodies last? Could these antibodies help others? Explore these questions and more in our latest #HealthForward blog. https://t.co/ZdjI9Lny4Z

Health Tech Accounting Guide

posted 2 days

Deloitte United States - This publication provides guidance on the most difficult technical accounting issues related to health care tech, i.e. capitalized software and revenue...

Medical Technology Trends Toward Six Roles

posted 5 hours

Deloitte United States - The future of health promises an evolution across medical technology supply chain, manufacturing, and data centricity, resulting in six defined medtech...

  • For #medtech companies to successfully thrive in the future, they’ll need to evolve by: ➡️ Strengthening capabilities ➡️ Expanding offerings ➡️ Entering new spaces Learn more in our #futureofhealth report. https://t.co/U5aa2q7xSB