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Case Study: Bilateral Lung Transplant for COVID-19-Related ARDS

posted 2 hours

Mashup Score: 9

Consult QD - Transplantation in this setting requires extensive resources, experience and recovery...

Management of Pregnant Women With COVID-19 Infection Proves Complex

posted 1 day

Mashup Score: 5

Consult QD - Preterm delivery and other complications of COVID-19 in...

New Nomogram Forecasts Personalized Risk for COVID-19-Related Hospitalization

posted 2 days

Mashup Score: 5

Consult QD - Risk model is second in a suite of prediction tools for infected...

Thrombotic Complications of COVID-19: Principles for Treatment and Prevention

posted 14 hours

Mashup Score: 5

Consult QD - Expert insights and a thromboprophylaxis...

Study Finds No Association Between Influenza Vaccine and COVID-19 Risk

posted 1 day

Mashup Score: 5

Consult QD - A closer look at the...

Complications of COVID-19 in Pregnancy: A Case Study

posted 5 hours

Mashup Score: 4

Consult QD - Preterm delivery, a complication of acute respiratory distress syndrome in pregnant...

Melatonin a Promising Candidate for Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19

posted 15 hours

Mashup Score: 4

Consult QD - After adjusting for comorbidities, melatonin usage was associated with reduced...

Exploring the Role of Immune Response in Parkinson Disease

posted 1 day

Mashup Score: 3

Consult QD - Research consortium launches multisite investigations of the impact of aberrant...