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Cleveland Clinic: The Future of Healthcare Since 1921

posted 2 days

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Consult QD - How an idea forged in war transformed healthcare around the...

Consult QD - Continuity of care to the...

Managing Lingering Cardiovascular Effects of COVID-19 Through a Dedicated Program

posted 22 hours

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Consult QD - The who, what, when and why of our new Post-COVID Cardiovascular Recovery...

CYCLE-AD Trial: High-Intensity Exercise to Stave Off Alzheimer’s Disease

posted 2 days

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Consult QD - New NIH-funded study tests home-based intervention in high-risk...

Oncologic and Reproductive Outcomes Following Fertility-Sparing Surgery for Early Cervical Cancer

posted 14 hours

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Consult QD - Analysis suggests disease outcomes comparable to traditional...

Melatonin a Promising Candidate for Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19

posted 1 day

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Consult QD - After adjusting for comorbidities, melatonin usage was associated with reduced...

Skin Symptoms in Most Children with Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome Related to COVID-19

posted 2 days

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Consult QD - Mucocutaneous symptoms may help physicians identify hyperinflammatory state...

First Use of the Novel Monitor Mode on a Gel Pad Surface Cooling Device to Maintain Normothermia

posted 2 days

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Consult QD - Case report demonstrates utility in a brain-injured...

Azacitidine Shows Potential as a Treatment for Multiple Myeloma

posted 17 hours

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Consult QD - Trial results point the way to further...