Infectious Disease With Monica Gandhi, MD

Infectious Disease

Monica Gandhi MD, MPH, is an Infectious Disease doctor, Professor of Medicine and Associate Chief in the Division of HIV, Infectious Diseases, and Global Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco. She conducts research on mitigation strategies for COVID-19.

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Dear readers,

A difficult time for public health, for a number of reasons. One is funding cuts to important programs such as PEPFAR; the second is war and the health effects on children of conflict; the third is a lack of international support for the World Health Organization’s pandemic treaty which is a way to move forward with the next pandemic; and the 4th is emerging infectious diseases such as avian H5N1 influenza.  Hoping for stabilization and a commitment of the world to global health goals as the COVID-19 pandemic chaos recedes. 

On the other hand, very exciting data on a twice a year injectable for HIV prevention (lenacapavir) having 100% efficacy so far for preventing HIV in cisgender women (the PURPOSE 1 trial) – we must advocate for access for all.

Sincerely, Monica