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Oral and Poster Abstracts Oral 906. Outcomes Research—Myeloid Malignancies: Real World Outcomes Clinical Practice (e.g. Guidelines, Health Outcomes and Services, and Survivorship, Value; etc.) Christopher E. Jensen, MD1,2, Hillary M. Heiling, BS3*, Konan E. Beke, BS4*, Allison M. Deal, MS5*, Ashley Leak Bryant, PhD, RN6*, Lorinda Adaire Coombs,...

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    This was an eye opening study for me. They reviewed 113 patients >60 with AML treated with AZA or VEN and looked at the proportion of days at home (vs days seen in a hospital, ED, infusion or clinic visit). About 42% of days the patients were engaged with healthcare, and there was no difference in the AZA monotherapy and the VEN treated patients. The ratio of days spent at home increased with longer survival, however the increased remission rate of AZA/VEN over AZA alone did not translate into an increased % of days spent at home. I would be interested to see how often they delivered HMA/VEN in their patients and if the % of days at home increases if you lengthen the treatment cycles.