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Oral and Poster Abstracts Oral 613. Acute Myeloid Leukemia: Clinical and Epidemiological: COVID and beyond Acute Myeloid Malignancies, Adults, Epidemiology, AML, Clinical Research, Clinically Relevant, Immunology, Diseases, Thrombocytopenias, Myeloid Malignancies, Biological Processes, Study Population Akriti G Jain, MD1, Ning C. Dong, MD1,...

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    As the COVID pandemic continues, we are gaining increasing insight re: vaccine efficacy in our unique patient population. This observational study shows that 70% of MDS/AML patients convert to seropositivity after 1 dose and 95.7% after a second dose, with significant higher titers after the second dose. Neutropenia and lymphopenia did not affect the seropositivity rate.