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Oral and Poster Abstracts Oral 613. Acute Myeloid Leukemia: Clinical and Epidemiological: Practice-changing studies Adults, Epidemiology, AML, Clinical Research, Clinically Relevant, Diseases, Real World Evidence, Myeloid Malignancies, Study Population Andrew Matthews, MD1, Alexander E. Perl, MD2, Selina M. Luger, MD, FRCPC1, Daria V. Babushok,...

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    A retrospective review compared baseline variables and outcomes of patients who received either AZA/VEN of CPX351 at University of Pennsylvania and in the flatiron health database. Patients receiving AZA/VEN were a median 10 years older, and more likely to have deNova AML vs secondary and tAML. More patients receiving CPX-351 were treating in academic medical centers. Median OS was 13 months for CPX-351 versus 11 months for ven/aza with no clear subset with improved OS with CPX-351 vs ven/aza . Restricting to only the population eligible for CPX-351 pivotal trial, there was no significant difference in OS. Early mortality was similar between the two. Although significant limitations of the retrospective nature of the data and missing data, this is very intriguing data suggesting clinical equipoise between the two treatments.