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Oral and Poster Abstracts Oral 626. Aggressive Lymphomas Prospective Therapeutic Trials: Novel Agents and Combinations Biological, Lymphomas, Bispecific Antibody Therapy, Diseases, Aggressive Lymphoma, Therapies, Immunotherapy, Lymphoid Malignancies Martin Hutchings1*, Anna Sureda2, María José Terol, MD PhD3*, Francesc Bosch Albareda4*, Paolo...

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    Glofitamab, a CD3-CD20 bi-specific T cell engager, was combined with polatuzumab, a cd79b antibody drug conjugate, in a phase I/II study in 44 patients with relapsed/refractory DLCBL. CRS was common (55%) but limited to grade 1 and 2. 52% had serious adverse events. 18% were high grade BCL, and 64% were refractory to the last therapy. ORR was 73% and CR rate was 51.5. As polatuzumab is moving towards front line it will be unclear if we can expect the same response rates by the time this combination completes a phase III.