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Effectiveness of Integrated Palliative and Oncology Care for Patients With Acute Myeloid Leukemia

posted 2 days

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JAMA Network - This randomized clinical trial assesses the effect of integrated palliative and oncology care on patient-reported and end-of-life outcomes in patients with acute myeloid...

  • RCT of integrated palliative & oncology care for patients with #AML led to substantial improvements in QOL, psychological distress, & EOL care. #PalliativeCare should be considered a new standard of care for patients with AML. #leusm https://t.co/axhFmW2EuC https://t.co/axhFmW2EuC

Emotional PPE Needs during COVID-19 | Palliative Care Teams | Palliative in Practice

posted 1 day

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www.capc.org - Strategies for palliative care teams to participate in organizational efforts promoting colleagues’ Emotional PPE or well-being during COVID-19 without compromising themselves or their...

  • 'How to Support Your Organization’s Emotional PPE Needs during COVID-19'. Strategies for #palliativecare teams to participate in organizational efforts promoting colleagues’ well-being without compromising themselves or patients >> https://t.co/4QgJCfzSCY #hpm #hapc #healthcare https://t.co/4QgJCfzSCY

Part 1: Learn How to Facilitate Well-Being Debriefings within Your Organization

posted 2 days

www.capc.org - The COVID-19 pandemic is taking a stunning toll on the emotional well-being of health care workers. Many of us are looking for proven strategies...

  • OPEN TO ALL 'Learn How to Facilitate Well-Being Debriefings within Your Organization'. In this two-part webinar series, Vickie Leff, LCSW, will train attendees to be peer facilitators for well-being debriefings. Part 1: Wed 3 Mar and Part 2: Thu 1 Apr >> https://t.co/eeUlvFhxmv https://t.co/eeUlvFhxmv

COVID-19 Response Resources Hub

posted 1 day

www.capc.org - The COVID-19 Response Resources Hub from CAPC has tools, technical assistance, clinical training, and convening opportunities to...

  • COVID-19 Response Resources Hub - OPEN TO ALL >> https://t.co/MGPcGK5xZ4 Whether your organization is in the middle of a COVID-19 surge or planning forward, we have tools, technical assistance, clinical training, and convening opportunities to help. #hpm #hapc #pallicovid https://t.co/MGPcGK5xZ4

Funding a Palliative Care Program

posted 2 days

www.capc.org - Use this toolkit, Funding a Palliative Care Program, to learn about financing strategies, designing a business plan, building financial partnerships, and controlling costs while...

  • Most programs combine several funding sources that can include billing revenue, investment by the home organization, partnership with health plans, and/or grants and philanthropy. The Financing Toolkit to has resources to help >> https://t.co/5u2Gf1vYRr #hpm #hapc

The Case for Community-Based Palliative Care

posted 22 hours

www.capc.org - The majority of people with serious illness are neither dying nor hospitalized. So, palliative care needs to be available in all settings outside hospitals—in...

  • The Case for Community-Based Palliative Care >> https://t.co/mSbH69F6hg #hpm #hapc - Aims to help programs expand #palliative care in all settings outside of hospitals. - Includes key data on the value of community-based palliative care, program profiles & a case example. https://t.co/mSbH69F6hg


posted 2 days

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Leadership Skills for Nurses: A Tutorial

posted 20 hours

www.capc.org - Given the rapid growth of palliative care, interdisciplinary leadership has become essential. With the increase of nurses stepping into the role of palliative care...

  • With the increase of nurses stepping into the role of #palliativecare program leader, it is important to understand leadership concepts and skills. The resources in the ‘Leadership Skills for Nurses: A Tutorial’ toolkit can help >> https://t.co/iFdIxw1i6H #nurses @HPNAinfo #hpm

CAPC Members | Become a Member

posted 17 hours

www.capc.org - CAPC members include health systems, hospitals, hospices, home health agencies, medical groups, health plans, and other health organizations seeking to improve quality of care...

  • CAPC is home to countless health care professionals at over 1,700 member health organizations. Explore member benefits, and join our vibrant, collaborative network to transform your care of patients living with a serious illness >> https://t.co/3Cb7D7SGEs #hpm #hapc #palliative

Coping During COVID-19

posted 2 days

www.capc.org - In this VOH, Resiliency: Coping During COVID-19, find a supportive space to discuss with peers how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting you personally and...

  • 'Resiliency: Coping During COVID-19' OPEN VOH with Grover W. L. Alford, Jr., MSSW, MDiv. An opportunity to discuss w/ peers how the #COVID19 pandemic is impacting you personally and professionally, and to process feelings of anxiety, grief + uncertainty >> https://t.co/544O5Tvxy6 https://t.co/544O5Tvxy6