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    Artificial intelligence is beginning to be applied in the medical setting and has potential to improve workflows and errors, impacting patients and clinicians alike.

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    • @theNAMedicine @JAMA_current @MichaelEMatheny As I've asserted in #DeepMedicine and @NatureMedicine https://t.co/EvUweuCumF, #AI for #healthcare is long on promise, short on proof. This multi-authored @theNAMreport provides a similar overarching perspective in 269 pages with healthy skepticism.

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    The FCC hopes that the new 3-digit number 988 will make it easier for people to get help when they are having suicidal thoughts.

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    • 988 will be the new national suicide prevention hotline in the US. https://t.co/4RGJiidLPW

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    As 2019 comes to a close, we asked our subject matter experts for a year in review look at health information and technology. Here are their insights into how the global health ecosystem has transformed over the past year.

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    • Health Information and Technology Year in Review https://t.co/4mRRS0zswm #HIMSS

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    At this time of year, cold and flu season mixes with holiday shopping, parties and travel. That means extra opportunities […]

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    • What are the dirtiest things you touch every day? And how do they make you sick? Hear from @drgregpoland, director of the Mayo Clinic Vaccine Research Group, in this #MayoClinicMinute. https://t.co/ec8dni9Sm0 https://t.co/ZlrVbz2w29

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    This randomized clinical trial compares the effect of early intensive and sustained vasodilation (using nitrates, hydralazine, renin-angiotensin inhibitors, and sacubitril-valsartan) vs usual care on a composite outcome of all-cause mortality and acute heart failure rehospitalization at 180 days…

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    • In this RCT, aggressive sustained vasodilation (nitrates, hydralazine, RAI inhibitors) didn't improve 180-d all-cause mortality or acute rehospitalizations vs usual care in patients w acute heart failure https://t.co/yzLxZAoWBx

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    In this cohort study, pricing data from January 2007 to June 2018 from SSR Health were used to determine how list prices, net prices, and discounts for the originator biologics changed with biosimilar competition.

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    • Cohort study finds biologics with biosimilar competition experienced marked reductions in net prices and leveling off of list prices increases https://t.co/2Hx2ngukpR @asjrodriguez @ihdezdelso